Design Services

The company’s original turnkey shelving program has remained unchanged from inception, however the product line has expanded to include virtually anything a person could want or need for home organization. With our system the process is simple, effective, and affordable.

In Home Consultation & Design
You demand choice and are always in search for harmony within your home. Our responsibility during the initial visit is to listen to your needs, measure the space to be organized, and leave you with a computer printout of your finalized configuration.

Timely Installation 
We’re typically available to come back for the installation within one week of your acceptance of the design plan. Most installations are completed within one work day and we always stride to make sure the end justifies your means. That’s why we offer the ShelfMasters Living Guarantee™ – as long as you live in your home, we’ll come back to make that small adjustment at no charge, with no worries, at anytime.

ShelfMasters’ Product & Service Warranty
ShelfMasters guarantees products installed by us not to collapse or pull out of the wall as long as the purchaser lives in the home. Our liability is limited to replacement if necessary, and reinstallation of failed materials.