Special Offers

Bring Us Back Plan™ – Have a friend, neighbor, or relative in need for our services? Pass them our way and we’ll give you a 20{2dec721663936a3993f57595c5241daf98f80579b3e5055795f84be4e65a06fd} discount off your next organization endeavor no matter if it’s in the kids’ room, garage, office, kitchen pantry – anywhere within your living or work worlds. Oh yeah, your acquaintance will want to mention your name when they call too – to be sure they get their 10{2dec721663936a3993f57595c5241daf98f80579b3e5055795f84be4e65a06fd} discount.

ShelfMasters Living Guarantee™ – as long as you live in your home, we’ll come back to make that small adjustment at no charge, with no worries, at anytime.